About Us

Up Your Visibility is a ground breaking Local Marketing company in Monterey, CA that was founded with the idea of providing local marketing training, coaching and consulting to local small business owners and entrepreneurs at an affordable price. After years of working in the internet consulting industry, the founder of Up Your Visibility, Mike Maunu, wanted to empower small business owners like herself to take control of their online presence.

” I worked in internet sales for years and I’ve seen time after time small business owners get taken advantage of by website companies, SEO companies, web design companies, web solutions companies, hosting companies, internet advertising companies… all large and small. Most small businesses are losing money either by not marketing online effectively or they’re spending 100′s even 1,000′s of dollars a month on web products and services with little or no return. 95 percent of local small business owners have no clue how to market their business online. I want to change that by empowering business owners to take charge of their online marketing and reputation because no one knows your business better than you. I’ve helped hundreds of local business owners get established online. I’ve seen many of my clients’ businesses grow over night because of an effective local marketing plan. I love seeing growth and knowing that I had a hand in my client’s success.”

For more information on our local marketing workshops or our coaching and consulting services, please call us today.